Bottom actions

  • Add action buttons to the bottom of the screen
  • Split them into multiple buttons groups if needed
  • Easily add icons with Last Icon
  • Use subgroups for related actions
  • Lose the dropdown caret and use icons
  • Show modals on action (click delete for example)
  • If you are not using tabs, you can also set your actions in the top right corner
  • Press save and see a nice toast notification!
  • Aligning some buttons to the end of the toolbar is nice!
  • On a small screen, buttons wrap on multiple lines. If you don't like that, stick them inside a dropup!
  • It is better to use outline variants in button groups to distinguish better the actions
  • Check how save & next collapse on mobile
You can scroll the content too
Content for the offcanvas goes here. You can place just about any Bootstrap component or custom elements here.